Gang Maps: Unveiling the Global Presence of Gangs

Gang presence across the globe is an issue that continues to cause ripples in society. This article will delve into the extensive gang territories worldwide gang map, highlighting the purpose behind mapping these territories and the impact it hopes to bring about.


The global gang situation is not just a problem, it’s a crisis. These gangs not only disrupt law and order but also influence the socio-economic fabric of societies. Understanding their territories is a step towards addressing the issue.

Mapping the Gang Territories

One of the most effective ways to understand the global gang presence is through mapping.

NOTE: The information discussed here is not intended to glorify gang activities, but rather to raise awareness about their widespread existence.

The mapping of gang territories is a meticulous process that involves consolidating different gang maps created by various individuals across the world. These maps provide a visual representation of the gang presence globally.

Official Gang Map

Gangs of Los Angeles (2024)

Southern California Gang Map

South Bend Gang Map

Twin Cities & Minnesota Hood/Gang Map (Not Finished)