Crips Gang Signs: What they mean

Before dive in to Crip gang signs, we need to know what is a gang sign and what is the Crip gang. We already wrote a detailed article about what are the gang signs, for our readers. If you don’t know what the gang sign means, we recommend you to read that article before you begin..

Gang signs are gestures made by gang members to show they belong to a particular gang or to disrespect a rival gang. They use their hands and fingers to make these signs. Sometimes, gang members also use tattoos, graffiti, and specific colors or clothing to show their gang affiliation.

What is the Crips gang

Crip gang is the largest criminal group in the United States History. Also, it is the most spread out street gang in the United States. Highest number of gang members are from California, Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. It is estimated that round 30,000 – 35,000 members are involved with Crip Gang. They have a long rivalry with the Bloods Gang because they are a group of individuals who formed an alliance to protect themselves against the violence and intimidation of the Crips. Crip gang consist of number of small sub groups. These sub groups most of time act as individually, but represent their main gang as Crips.

Types of Crips gang signs

Crip gang signs are the most famous, cause there are a lot of members involved with Crip gang and that’s can be the reason for everyone looking for ways to identify Crip gang and Crip gang members. After we deeply look about Crip gang signs we can see there are different types of gang signals such as Crip hand signs, Crip gang tattoos and Crip graffities, etc. Below, we are going to discuss more about these one by one for everyone’s knowledge.

Crips hand signs

Hand signs are the most famous way to identify Crip gang and it’s members. These hand signs are made by hand and finger gestures used by gang members to present their gang. In a Crip gang, they hold their hand and create the letter “C” as their gang sign. “C” is the first letter of “Crips” word, most gangs throw their gang name first letter as their gang signs, like Bloods throwing “B” as their gang sign. also we can identify Crips gang signs as a “BK gang signs” which mean “Blood Killer Gang Signs”

For more information on Bloods gang signs, see this article

Crips "C" sign

Crip gangs commonly use the above gang sign as their gang sign. Also, there are different varieties of Crip gang signs. You can get some idea about those after looking at the images below.

Compton Crip Gang Sign
Compton Crip
Crip Killer sign
Crip Killer
Hoover Crips sign
Hoover Crip
Mafia Crips sign
Mafia Crips
Underground Crips sign
Underground Crip

Crips Tattoos

Tattoos are another way to identify gang members. In a Crip gang there are a lot of tattoos associated with them. These tattoos are mostly used to disrespecting their rival gangs, like bloods. Some tattoos are hard to understand to someone without proper knowledge. As a example check below..

  • They Inked “211” as a tattoo, number two represents the “B” in the alphabet , and number eleven represents “K” in  alphabet. “BK” Mean “Blood Killa”
  • In some Crip gang members we can see tattoos like “3 18 9 16”, this one spells out “Crip” in alphabetic order.
  • Some members inked their hand signs as a tattoo. For more details look below images.
Crips tattoos chart

Crips Graffiti

Graffiti is something like drawing, scratched or painted unlawfully on a wall and other public surface. Some Graffiti are a bit like encrypted code, only the same gang member can decrypt and catch the meaning. Also, these graffiti are different from gang to gang. In a Crip gang we can see special symbols that belongs to them. Check out the image below for a better idea about Crip gang graffities.

Crips graffiti on a wall

In the above graffiti we can see something like “LOC” . It’s commonly used by Crips members and it means “Love of Crip”. Also, there is painted “BK” to disrespect Crips’ rival gang, which means “Blood Killer”. We attached more Crip graffiti for you to get a better idea.

Crips graffiti on a dumpster bin
Crips graffiti on a vehicle

Crips Colors and Clothing

Gang members use some clothing like bandanas to represent their gang specially they focus on color when wearing these clothes. In a Crip gang we can see they use blue as the gang color. They use blue color for everything like clothes, graffiti, and some use blue color to ink their tattoos. Another special thing is Surenos and MS-13 also use blue as their representing color.

Mainly they wear blue color bandanas to represent they are involved with Crips and these bandanas are worn around their face, neck, head or put in half of their pocket. Also they use Grey, Black, Purple, White, Grey and even Yellow colors. To get a better idea about these crip colors and clothing check out below images.

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